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Learn how to protect your information online:
Simple cyber safety rules for security.

Preventing cyber threats doesn't take much effort. Here are some ways you can defend against common cybersecurity attacks on your information.

01. Protect your information and devices

  • When connecting to public networks, avoid making banking transactions and online purchases.
  • Browse safely by checking if the webpage address begins with https. A padlock symbol will appear by the webpage address if it is.
  • Update your devices and apps; they often include enhanced security measures to keep your information safe.

02. Be discreet online and in public

  •  Limit your online interactions with strangers to prevent your information from being used to answer verification questions.
  • Never share your information with anyone you can’t identify. Ask for details and contact them directly through their official channels.

03. Think before you click or reply

  • Make sure email addresses are spelled correctly and correspond to the business or person. If not, they could be a phishing attempt.
  • Be careful with emails or SMS messages that ask you to click a link or download files.
  • Watch out for fraudulent calls and SMS messages that request urgent action or ask for access or information. Take the time to think before answering.
  • Remember that Santander will never ask you to provide complete access codes to your accounts.

04. Keep your passwords safe

  • Make passphrases of 3+ words or longer. What makes a strong password is its length, not its complexity.
  • Do not use the same password more than once. This ensures that if one account is under threat, your other accounts can still remain safe.
  • Customize default keys and passwords to increase your security.
  • Whenever possible, apply multifactor identification such as fingerprint or facial recognition to add another layer of security.

05. If you suspect it, report it

To stay safe, avoid sharing your personal information and protect your devices. If you do suspect a phishing attempt, help us and others by contacting: or 877-906-7500

Our privacy and security

Discover how Santander safeguards you from fraud, scams and phishing attempts.

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