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Payday peace of mind.

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Direct deposit.

Direct deposit is a convenient way to have your paycheck electronically deposited into your checking account by your employer.


No waiting for paper checks to arrive in the mail, which you then have to deposit


Funds are available more quickly through regularly scheduled electronic deposits. 


Enjoy more security because you don’t have to carry around easy-to-lose paper checks.


Split direct deposits into multiple accounts to help you budget and manage your money.

Need help?

Contact customer service at 877-768-2265.

Bank with the digital confidence of Santander PROTECHTION.

Our Mobile Banking App gives you the flexibility to bank on the go, wherever you go:

  • Check your balance.
  • Deposit checks and pay bills.
  • Put a misplaced card on hold.
  • Log in with a single touch.
  • Transfer money.

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