Industry Banking Solutions
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Industry Banking Solutions

Your industry landscape is unique—and so are your banking needs. At Santander, we offer specialized teams with the experience required to understand the nuances of your business and deliver valuable ideas and customized solutions without a long learning curve.


Education and Nonprofit

Delivering on your mission while managing rising costs and fluctuating funding landscapes makes the selection of commercial banking partners an important one. Our specialized banking team draws resources from across our broad capabilities to develop customized financial solutions for educational institutions, non-profit healthcare providers, foundations, cultural institutions, and a diverse group of charitable organizations. Whether the need is for managing liquidity, financing working capital, interest rate hedging to help manage borrowing costs, or treasury solutions to simplify financial reporting and streamline collections, we'll work with you to assess your needs and help you optimize your financial approach.

Contact us:

J. Douglas Dixon

Senior Vice President
Nonprofit & Specialized Banking


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Food and Beverage

Fueled by international tastes and the expansion of cross-border supply chains and trade corridors, global expertise is increasingly required from commercial banks serving food and beverage clients. Our dedicated team combines deep sector expertise with Santander’s global financial presence to develop customized financial solutions and strategies supporting businesses in food and beverage sourcing, processing, packaging, and distribution segments. From seafood to specialty products, commodity processing to consumer-ready categories, we understand how to help clients finance operations, fund growth, gain efficiency, and even capture market advantages to compete successfully in this fast-changing, increasingly global industry.


From global medical technology innovators to national healthcare networks, from regional non-profit hospital systems to clinical research leaders, the challenges of operating in the healthcare industry are as great as its opportunities. Our experienced Healthcare bankers understand the industry’s unique regulatory, billing, and capital requirements, and apply our expertise to deliver valuable ideas and customized solutions without an extended learning curve. Whether the need is for optimization of capital structure, private placements or bond solutions, structured deposits to maximize return, medical equipment financing, or approaches to fund international growth, we’ll work with you to assess your needs and execute quickly to support your success.

Contact us:

Faisal Khalid

Executive Director, Healthcare Banking

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Professional and Business Services

While client satisfaction and business development are typically the top priorities in professional and business services, the importance of managing cash flow and profitability can’t be underestimated. Our specialized banking team understands the financial challenges of ensuring operating efficiency while building and managing client service enterprises. From financing that supports working capital needs to liquidity management, from treasury solutions that streamline billing and collections to card programs that better manage employee expenses, we’ll deliver valuable ideas and practical customized solutions that support your success.

Contact us:

T. David Short

Managing Director
Mid-Corporate Banking

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

New technologies—from 5G and cloud computing, to machine learning, data centers and cybersecurity—are reshaping the priorities of businesses large and small, driving globalization of products and services, and creating immense opportunity. Massive infrastructure investments are needed to support these digital shifts around the world. As a global leader in the technology sector across Europe and Latin America, Santander brings global capabilities combined with our dedicated team’s expertise to help technology, telecom, and media companies position themselves effectively across the business lifecycle. We understand the unique challenges of companies in high-stakes sectors, from growth and acquisition finance to international expansion, liquidity management, and equipment financing, and we’re committed to delivering valuable ideas and effective solutions to power your growth and competitive advantage in the fast-moving technology, media, and telecom markets.

Contact us:

Joseph (Jay) Massimo

Managing Director
Mid-Corporate Banking
Cell: 617-834-1983
Office: 617-217-0031




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