Stack of Credit Cards

Commercial Card Solutions

Discover a more efficient, flexible way to pay. With a Santander commercial card program, you can streamline payments, enjoy corporate card convenience, and gain better tracking and control with a centralized online management system. Choose from a variety of cards to suit your needs.


Multi-Purpose Card

Multi-Purpose Commercial Credit Card

Pay normal business expenditures, including T&E, fleet, and large-dollar purchases, and track payments by type.

Travel & Entertainment Card

Travel and Entertainment Commercial Credit Card

Keep better track of your T&E budget and eliminate the need for advances and reimbursements.

Specialty Purpose Card

Specialty Purpose Commercial Credit Card

Manage trade show and meeting expenses with greater convenience and accountability.

Purchasing Card

Purchasing Commercial Credit Card

Negotiate better bulk discounts by centralizing employee purchases into one account for each vendor.

Virtual Card

Virtual Commercial Credit Card

Reduce the risk of fraud on purchases from specified vendors or book hotel stays and airline travel for employees who are not issued a plastic card. The virtual card protects your real card number by issuing a card number for a specific purchase with a transaction expiration date.

A Better Way to Pay

$70 Savings per Transaction

Savings per

30-55 Extra Days to Hold Funds

Extra Days
to Hold Funds2

39 Million Worldwide Locations

Accepted at 39 Million Worldwide Locations

1Compared to issuing paper purchase orders and checks. Source: 2014 Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey Results

2The 30-55 days includes the card’s maximum 30-day monthly statement

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