Santander International Desk
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International Desk

Access the banking products and services you need abroad with the same level of personalized service and seamless delivery you’ve come to expect from Santander in the U.S. Our International Desk is staffed by a dedicated global network of multilingual specialists who offer expert, detailed local knowledge of overseas markets and banking solutions through a single point of contact.


Santander is on Both Sides of the Border

Specialized Access for Foreign Subsidiaries

Invaluable Local Advice for New Expansion

On the Ground in 14 Key Markets

Global Footprint

Plus access to Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe through local teams and strategic banking alliances.

International Banking*

Our multilingual International Desk professionals will introduce you to overseas Santander teams who can ensure your needs are met with the right country-specific banking products. You’ll be treated like a valued client, locally and globally. And you’ll have access to a full range of global corporate capabilities with personalized service, from account opening to simplifying complex banking and trade transactions.

  • Foreign exchange
  • International trade finance
  • Global treasury management solutions

Global Insights and Intelligence*

Whether you need international advice or relevant market intelligence, the multilingual professionals at the Santander International Desk offer the extensive contacts and local insights to assist you.

  • Insight on macroeconomics, financial systems, regulations, legislation, and business incentives
  • Easier access to international conferences, conventions, and trade fairs
  • Get insight into new markets and business opportunities with access to 40-plus worldwide databases via Santander® Trade Portal

Third-Party Supplier Network*

Gain access to an extensive network of third parties who can ease your entry into trading abroad:

  • Organizations such as embassies, chambers of commerce, business consultants or agencies
  • Partner banks who also offer a premium service to clients investing or trading in other markets

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