Import Trade Solutions

Import Trade Solutions

Protect yourself from cross-border risk and strengthen your hand in negotiations by leveraging the expertise of a global leader.


Import Trade Solutions

Import Letters of Credit

  • Issued by Santander to increase your sellers’ confidence and increase your bargaining power
  • Enables you to reach markets where your credit is not yet established
  • Extend payment terms with your suppliers without negatively impacting your supplier’s cash flow

Import Documentary Collections

  • Let Santander and your seller’s bank act as intermediaries in collecting payment for your goods
  • Offers convenient, cost-effective protection
  • Governed by international rules and established agreements

Banker’s Acceptances

  • Offers short-term, low-rate financing
  • Allows you to defer payment for purchased goods to enhance your liquidity

Standby Letters of Credit

  • Provides Santander Bank credit support
  • Enhances the credibility of your promise of payment