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Santander Trade IQ

Accelerate cross-border transactions, boost efficiency, increase flexibility, and reduce errors with secure, real-time online processing. Our Santander® Trade IQ platform lets you initiate and track Letters of Credit, Collections, and foreign exchange—with up-to-the-minute accuracy anywhere in the world.


Import Letters of Credit and Import Collections

Import Letters of Credit and Import Collections

Make better use of credit and centralize reconcilement of payables at a lower operating cost.

  • Initiate and process Letters of Credit from our Santander Trade IQ platform anywhere around the globe
  • Process collections and track transaction progress
  • Improve control for organizations with multiple locations and offices
  • Access copies of shipping documents


Internet Direct Collections (IDC)

Internet Direct Collections

Initiate and track collections anywhere in the world.

  • View real-time reporting of outstanding transactions
  • Enjoy immediate credit to your account for incoming funds from overseas
  • Simplify account reconciliation


Information Reporting

Information Reporting

Simplify account reconciliation and improve the turnaround time associated with your international trade activity.

  • View real-time status reporting of import and export collections, Letters of Credit, and Banker’s Acceptances
  • Query transaction details—such as issuance, payment advices, and amendments— and receive a response in seconds
  • Eliminate costly delays typically associated with manual inquiries
  • Maintain your data in a highly secure environment