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Foreign Exchange

Whether dealing in US dollars or foreign currency, we will help you protect against adverse currency movements, expedite payments, and receive competitive pricing.

Key Benefits

Foreign Exchange Hedging Capabilities
Our staff of experienced foreign exchange (FX) specialists will work closely with you to identify risks and design appropriate strategies to effectively manage them. We also offer a wide array of products to help protect against adverse currency movements, including:

  • Spot Transactions
  • Forward Transactions
  • Variable-Date-Forward Transactions
  • Foreign-Currency-Option Contracts
  • Swap Contracts


Market Orders
We offer 24-hour access to the foreign exchange markets via market orders to enable customers to leave an order overnight to buy or sell currency at a desired exchange rate. If the market reaches this rate, the customer's order will be processed regardless of time. (Certain size limitations may apply to customer orders).

International Wire Transfers
Santander's electronic payment system can facilitate all your international wire transfer needs, both incoming and outgoing, in an efficient and timely manner. Currency payments will go directly to the payee's bank account overseas.

Foreign Bank Drafts
As a Santander customer, you can issue overseas payments via bank drafts in most internationally traded currencies.

Foreign Currency Banknotes
Foreign currency banknotes for purchases and sales are available for pickup at any Santander Branch in 1 to 2 business days. We offer competitive exchange rates that are determined when you purchase or sell the currency. Visit your local branch to place a currency order.

International Check Processing
Customers can present their foreign checks in most major currencies for collection. For more information on foreign check processing visit any of our local branches.

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