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Information Report Solutions

Our sophisticated, flexible, and intuitive information reporting and transaction initiation services will make accessing, analyzing, and acting on your company’s cash position faster and easier than ever before.


IRIS delivers all the features you expect from a Web-based treasury management system, such as state-of-the-art fraud protection, superior administration tools, a variety of data export capabilities, and a full range of information reporting and transaction initiation services.

With IRIS, any computer can be your virtual bank by providing a continuously updated view of your organization’s financial position, and instant access to a full range of transaction initiation capabilities. And because IRIS offers you the ability to assign user privileges, you can maintain security and delegate work easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Check Image & eStatement

Access check images online, Santander’s information reporting and initiation service Santander Treasury Link, or through our CD-ROM check imaging service. Both options provide quick and convenient access to check images, reducing research to just seconds. Additionally, Santander's Paperless eStatement services offer companies electronic access to their account statement information as soon as it is produced.
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