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Liquidity & Investment Solutions

Our liquidity and investment solutions provide flexible options for maintaining your organization’s funds or managing client funds, and obtaining competitive returns. With Santander, you can optimize your working capital, while maintaining control and managing risk exposure.

Automated Investment Sweep

Generate a greater return on otherwise idle funds with Santander's Automated Investment Sweep service. Funds above a pre-determined target amount are automatically swept overnight from your company's operating account into your choice of an overnight Repurchase Agreement “Repo” or an offshore “Eurodollar” investment account. Principal and earnings are returned the next morning. You may also select from a variety of Mutual Funds options. Funds are then returned to the operating account when needed to cover presented payments. No time or effort is required on your part, since the investment is made automatically.

Zero Balance Accounts

Santander’s Zero Balance Account (ZBA) service makes it easy to take control of your checking account balances. You still maintain a decentralized network of accounts based on the needs of your business, but these accounts are automatically maintained at a zero balance. Funds are concentrated to and disbursed from a master account, providing you with a clear audit trail of the day’s transactions.

Escrow Services

Santander’s Escrow Services speed and simplify the management of escrow funds. You can
link an unlimited number of individual, interest-bearing, client sub-accounts to a single Master
account in your name. An assigned Deposit Escrow Services Relationship Specialist can help
with the ongoing customer service needs associated with this important niche business.

Automated Loan Sweeps

Through this service, excess balances are automatically applied to your Line of Credit each business night. A target balance feature is offered that allows you to maintain a predetermined target balance within your account.

It also provides automatic funding from your Line of Credit to your checking account to help prevent overdrafts and associated fees, and relieve your staff of the day-to-day details of debt and investment management.

No time or effort is required on your part, since the investment or borrowing is made automatically. All you need is a Line of Credit with Santander.

For convenience, a Loan Sweep service may be combined with Automated Repo Sweep or Automated Eurodollar Sweep service.

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