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Online Banking Services

Our sophisticated, flexible, and intuitive online banking services will make accessing, analyzing, and acting on your company’s cash position faster and easier than ever before.

Santander Treasury Link

Built for the way you do business

Santander Treasury Link is a robust online hub that provides access to a diverse set of treasury tools to support your business, offering fraud protection, risk management and controls, while powering a full integrated view into your account information and transactions, allowing you to manage cash flow from receipts to payments to liquidity, all in one place – creating immediate ease and longer-term strategic value. Santander Treasury Link is a simple solution for reconciling transactions and moving funds.

Santander Treasury Link offers designated users complete visibility and customized control over your cash through links to comprehensive desktop tools. Santander Treasury Link provides a holistic view of your account balances and transactions, plus a host of payment options— all delivered through a secure and efficient platform. It offers a smarter, easier way to manage working capital.

Do you have all information you need, when you need it, to make daily investment and working capital decisions? Santander Treasury Link empowers you to move, manage, and monitor your money whenever—and from wherever—you need, through a secure, efficient platform.

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