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Our disbursement and reconciliation services allow you to efficiently initiate a variety of payment types, manage your overall cash position, and reduce the amount of time you spend reconciling accounts.

ACH Direct Deposit/Payment

Direct deposit is an online payment solution designed specifically for time-sensitive payments. Pay employees by direct deposit and pay vendors as fast as the next business day. Direct deposit payments are made electronically, eliminating the expense and hassle of paying employees and vendors by check or domestic wire.

Automated Clearing House

With next-day settlement, ACH allows you to improve your institution's payment processing efficiency and accuracy, and reduce expenses.

We offer ACH services for public entities that want to collect funds and make payments electronically in batches through the national ACH network.

Typical applications include:

  • direct deposit of payroll
  • vendor payments
  • bill and dues collection
  • federal and state tax payments
  • annuities, dividends, and utility payments

Santander offers several vehicles for originating ACH transactions, including Direct Transmissions via FTP, and Santander Treasury Link, our state-of-the-art Web-based treasury management system.

Wire Transfers

Santander's Wire Transfer service enables you to immediately transfer funds worldwide directly from your account to another account.

Santander offers multiple delivery channels to quickly, reliably, and securely initiate a transfer:

  • through our Wire Room
  • over the telephone
  • using Santander Treasury Link, our state-of-the-art online information reporting system 

Controlled Disbursement

A Controlled Disbursement Account helps corporate and institutional entities maximize their daily cash position and increase control over payments.

By receiving an early morning notification of checks that will be presented against your account that day, you can manage your cash flow to your advantage. Controlled disbursement presentment information is provided via fax or Santander Treasury Link, our state-of-the-art Web-based treasury management system.

Account Reconciliation

Our Account Reconciliation services help government and institutional entities reduce both administrative effort and cost, and protect against errors and fraud with automated matching of checks paid and issuance information.

Santander's automated Account Reconciliation Processing services deliver the clearing and balance information you need, account by account, on the schedule you specify: daily, weekly, monthly, by accounting period, or on specific days. Our system will also detail deposits from multiple locations into the same account, giving you an accurate picture of sales activity and collections across your company.

Commercial Card

Santander Commercial Card program is a great tool for streamlining purchasing and payables processes. With a card program, you can also hold on to funds longer, pay suppliers faster, gain leverage to negotiate better supplier discounts, and track and allocate expenditures through online administration and reporting.
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