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Santander offers a wide array of products and services to help you efficiently collect, process, and record customer payments. Whether you receive electronic payments from businesses or cash payments from consumers, our flexible solutions can provide you with rapid access to funds and the information you need to track payments

Cash Concentration

Expedite the concentration of deposits from remote locations utilizing Santander’s cash concentration service through IRIS, our web-based banking system. You are able to review deposit activity from remote locations and initiate ACH transfers to concentrate those funds on a timely basis. Full ACH transaction template maintenance is included, as well as summary screens for quick dollar amount updates.

Onsite Check Deposit

Handling, transporting, and reconciling checks takes time and money that you could spend on other things - such as running your business.

With Santander Onsite Check Deposit, you can make electronic deposits from anywhere, at anytime, with no geographic limitations. Simply scan your checks and transmit the images via the Internet to Santander for secure processing without ever leaving the office.

Cash Processing

With Santander’s Money Center Services you can enjoy the benefits of secure and safe cash handling. Santander ensures timely and accurate processing of both large currency orders and deposits by maintaining a network of Money Centers strategically located throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Santander manages one of the largest proprietary Money Center locations in the northeast.

Lockbox Services

At Santander Bank, we know that you are looking for proven ways to increase your operational efficiencies and improve business performance.

With Santander’s Nationwide Lockbox Network, we act as a strategic partner to handle the customized processing of your remittances, for wholesale payments, retail payments, and everything in between. With our multiple nationwide lockbox pickup sites and processing locations you’ll gain timely access to remittance payments wherever they originate from. Plus, you’ll have online access to all processed documentation. With Santander’s lockbox services you maintain control, expedite payments, and save valuable time to focus on your customer relationships – and growing revenue.

ACH Direct Debit

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

We offer ACH services for businesses that want to collect funds and make payments electronically through the national ACH network. ACH Direct Debit allows you to initiate authorized debits from consumer or business accounts for routine or one-time payments owed to you, such as mortgage payments, membership dues, or utility payments. With next-day settlement, ACH allows you to improve your payment processing efficiency and accuracy, and reduce expenses. 

Merchant Services

Santander Merchant Services offers government and institutional entities a comprehensive array of electronic payment processing products and services that deliver unsurpassed value.
Santander Merchant Services was created through an alliance between Santander Bank and First Data Corporation, a leading provider of merchant processing. View a variety of our solutions below and learn how Santander Merchant Services can help your institution. 
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