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A Santander Business Line of Credit can help your business gain access to a flexible source of working capital for almost anything. With our simple application process, you could have a credit decision as soon as the next business day.2

Product features include:
  • Lines of credit up to $750,000 available
  • No financial statements or pledged collateral required at time of qualified application2 on unsecured lines of credit up to $150,000
  • Waived $250 origination fee if you have a Santander Business Checking or Santander Business Checking Plus account3

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1 Small-business financing products are available to qualified applicants with annual revenues up to $3,000,000, and are subject to underwriting and credit rules, policies, and guidelines of Santander Bank, N.A. (“Santander Bank”). Credit decisions are made by Santander Bank in its sole discretion and are subject to change at any time without notice. To apply for this offer, a signed and completed application, and any other information requested by Santander Bank, must be received by Santander Bank by 06/30/17.

This offer is only eligible for the business to which the corresponding letter or email is addressed. This offer is only available to small businesses who (1) apply on or after 04/17/17 and before 06/30/17, and (2) whose approved applications do not require a guarantee from the U.S. Small Business Administration, and (3) have not received a denial on a commercial credit application from Santander Bank on or after 03/17/17. This offer is not available retroactively or to currently existing Santander Bank commercial credit customers, transactions, or applications.

For a limited time, on Business Lines of Credit (“BLOC”) between $10,000 and $750,000, qualified and approved applicants are eligible to receive an introductory variable interest rate for 12 months following the BLOC closing of either Prime Rate - 1.00% or Prime Rate + 1.00%, depending on creditworthiness and other factors as determined by Santander Bank in its sole discretion. “Prime” or “Prime Rate” means a variable per annum rate of interest selected by Santander Bank in its sole discretion from time to time, and is subject to change without notice. The Prime Rate is 4.00% as of 03/15/17. On the first year anniversary of the BLOC closing, the interest rate will convert to a variable rate between Prime Rate plus 0.50% and Prime Rate plus 8.00%, as determined and disclosed to you by Santander Bank at the BLOC closing. To qualify for one of the 12-month introductory rates, an approved business applicant must: (i) either have, or open at time of BLOC closing, a Santander Business Checking or Santander Business Checking Plus account, and (ii) have, or sign up to begin upon BLOC closing, automatic pre-authorized electronic payment (E-Pay) transfers from that business checking account as payments for the BLOC. The applicable rate, including, but not limited to, any introductory rate, is at all times subject to the terms and conditions of the loan documents. If the Prime Rate is less than zero, it shall be deemed to be zero. For qualified applicants, Santander Bank will waive the one-time initiation fee of $250. Offer expires 06/30/17.

PRE-SELECTION NOTICE: This pre-selected offer of credit is based on information that your business meets certain criteria. This offer is not guaranteed if your business does not now meet, or does not continue to meet, our criteria. Credit may not be granted if your business no longer meets the selection criteria we used to make this offer. To be approved for credit, your business must also meet the following conditions at time of application: (1) Your business must validly exist and be in good standing with its state of incorporation and all states in which it does business; and (2) all authorized business representatives must execute and deliver any and all required documentation in connection with the business line of credit. This offer is for a new small business line of credit up to a maximum amount of $750,000 in the name of the business identified in the corresponding letter or email, may only be accepted by that business, and is non-transferable. Higher business line of credit amounts may be available to those businesses who meet our established credit standards, which may change from time to time in Santander Bank’s sole discretion without prior notice. If approved, the minimum amount we would lend your business is $10,000. This credit offer expires 06/30/17. The offer in the corresponding letter or email is not available in connection with any Santander Bank loan applied for prior to the date of the corresponding letter or email. Prior applications may not be cancelled and reapplied for under the terms of this offer.

2 Financial statements and/or pledged collateral may be required with any loan. For credit products from $10,000 to $150,000, next-business-day credit decisions are not available and both financial statements and pledged collateral will be required at the time of application if: (1) your business is a not-for-profit organization; or (2) your business’s existing Santander Bank business credit exposure at the time of loan application, in addition to the loan application amount, exceeds or would exceed $150,000; or (3) your business’s existing Santander Bank business credit exposure at time of loan application, in addition to the loan application amount, would be more than 10% of your business’s most recent annual sales; or (4) your business is applying for a commercial real estate loan.

3 For approved business applicants, between 04/17/17 and 06/30/17, Santander Bank will waive the one-time origination fee of $250 on a new business line of credit (“BLOC”) between $10,000 and $750,000, if the approved applicant either has or opens at time of BLOC closing a Santander Business Checking or Santander Business Checking Plus account. Additional fees, terms, and conditions may apply.

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