There's no time like the present to refinance. Rates are still at historic lows but could soon be on the rise.

Best of all, refinancing now can mean more take home pay today, plus substantial savings over the long term.

Consider the positives of refinancing today.

  • Lower your rate. Santander works hard to offer rates that will work for you
  • Save more money. Lower your monthly payments and keep more earnings
  • Shorten your loan term. Save in interest payments and become mortgage-free faster
  • Combine mortgage loans. Save on interest payments by refinancing your mortgage and home equity loans or lines of credit

Choose from our many mortgage products.

Now is the time to take advantage of Santander's depth and breadth of mortgage solutions including:

Fixed rate mortgages that provide certainty over the long term

  • Rising interest rate protection for the life of the loan
  • Variety of loan terms to balance equity accrual and monthly payment amount

Adjustable rate mortgages that offer savings and flexibility

  • Lower initial rate can be the economical solution for shorter-term ownership
  • Flexibility to refinance to a fixed rate at any time*

We also offer everything from Jumbo, FHA and VA loans to Construction and State Bond Programs. Let's work together to choose a mortgage solution that works for you.

Open the door today.

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*All loans subject to approval.
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