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If you are traveling to Brazil, there are a number of exclusive benefits available to Santander customers to help make your stay more convenient and enjoyable.

Through Santander Brazil you can buy or sell foreign currency in cash or traveler cheques.

  • Exchange currency:  There are four available options, U.S. Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Iene (Japan) (note: only U.S. dollar  and Euro will be available in all exchange points).

                 - The rate limit will be R$ 10,000 (local currency - Real) per passport, for a period of 90   days. This term is valid for purchase and sale and it requires the submission of a valid passport.

  • Traveler Cheques: Santander Brazil will cash cheques from American Express and there’s no expiration date.

                 - Purchase: There are six available options: U.S. Dollar, Canadian and Australian, Euro, British Pound and Iene (Japan). 
                 - Sale: There are two available currency options: U.S. Dollar and Euro.


ATM Services:


Santander Brazil offers many convenient ATM services for visitors.*


Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry: Whether or not you are a Santander customer, you can withdraw local currency (Real) using your Santander Debit MasterCard. You can use ATMs that display Cirrus (MasterCard) and Plus (Visa) logos.


Money Exchange and International Withdrawals:


Santander Brazil is also providing exclusive benefits for Santander customers to simplify exchange and withdrawals.

  • Foreign Exchange will be fee-free from June 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014

To see the location of the main Santander branches and ATM locations in Brazil visit

*Fees apply when you use ATMs, including Santander ATMs, in Brazil.


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