Debit Card and Credit Card Chip Protection
from Santander Bank.

We're introducing security chips in Santander Bank credit cards and debit cards to give you more security. Santander Bank EMV-chip credit and debit cards are very easy to use.


Benefits of Debit Card and Credit Card Chip Protection:

Use debit card/credit card chip protection for more secure transactions.

  • At merchants that use chip terminals, the debit card or credit card chip and terminal work together to add an additional layer of security to the transaction.
  • The debit card or credit card security chip contains encrypted information that makes it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited.
  • Santander Bank chip cards also use PIN or signature to verify purchases. Together with the chip, these have proven to be among the best ways to protect your card from unauthorized use.
  • Some merchant terminals may still request a signature.

  • If a merchant does not have a chip terminal, you can still swipe your card as you currently do.
  • Chip terminals are available in millions of locations worldwide, and more are coming to the U.S. every day.

Enjoy zero-fraud liability with Santander Bank credit cards and debit cards.

  • As always, we'll also remain on the lookout for transactions that look suspicious, and we'll contact you if we suspect fraud.
  • As with all our current Santander credit and debit cards, you are not liable for any fraudulent purchases.1

It's easy to use your Santander debit or credit chip card

At merchants with chip terminals:

Follow these 3 simple steps:

Insert your debit card or credit card chip first into the terminal to make your purchase.

At merchants without chip terminals…

Swipe your card as you currently do.


Online or over the phone…

Provide your card information as you always have.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must properly safeguard your PIN and promptly notify us of any unauthorized transactions. Please see your Card Agreement for additional details.