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What is an eBill?

If you’re already receiving Paperless Statements from Santander Bank, you know how great it is to save space and the environment by avoiding an extra piece of mail each month. Why not take the next step in the paperless journey? Sign up to receive eBills, electronic versions of your monthly bills, straight to your online bill payment service center in your Online Banking profile.

eBills allow you view electronic copies of your biller’s paper bill, and then customize and control how you would like to pay. Additionally, AutoPay allows you to fully automate your monthly payment, including bills that vary month-to-month, on a schedule that you set in advance. You can even set limits on your payments, to ensure that you’re not paying more than you plan on a bill that is higher than expected.

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eBill Features


Save paper, the environment, postage costs, and storage space.


Receive eBills and pay your bills online, all in one convenient place.

Wide Acceptance

eBill payment options are available from hundreds of companies, including utilities, insurance services, and credit card providers.


How to Request eBills

Requesting eBills is simple – just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Online Banking account and choose the “BillPay” tab.
  2. Select the company that you would like to receive eBills for from your list of BillPay accounts.
  3. Don’t have any accounts in your Payment Center? Learn how to set up BillPay.
  4. If the selection is eligible, “eBills” will be available as an option below the company information.
  5. See a list of companies eligible for eBills.
  6. Click “Get eBill.”
  7. Enter the requested information your biller needs to enable the eBill. Select Submit, and you’re done!

A window will pop up to confirm that your eBill request is pending. It will provide details about when and where to find your first eBill. Repeat this process to sign up for eBills from other companies in the Payment Center.

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