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While on the path to building wealth, it’s also important to enjoy it; thankfully, it has become even easier to personalize your experience.

Due to busy schedules and the growth of e-commerce, consumers have moved to highly customized offerings that match their desires. This has only grown in acceptance through the pandemic with nearly half (48%) of consumers admitting their shopping habits have permanently changed.[i] Only 46% of shoppers say that given a choice (online or in-store), they prefer to shop in-store.[ii]

These trends have further fueled the popularity of subscription boxes. With your busy schedule, looking towards a curated subscription box can provide you a personalized experience that can save you time.

Why subscribe?

You’ve likely bought at least one of these boxes before. But the level of service and quality of products have only improved as the popularity of these services have grown — sales within subscription boxes are expected to double to $1.5 trillion by 2025.[iii]

It’s easy to see why. You receive the box without having to do the shopping yourself, while discovering and experiencing new products. Instead, curators with experience and knowledge in the specific space provide you with items that match your tastes, budget, and wants. It saves you time from shopping, allowing you to focus your energy on other pursuits.

To save you more time, we’ve provided a rundown of some of the more unique and exciting boxes to experience.

Food subscription boxes

Your food box needs might run the gamut from everyday meals to nutritiously feed your family, to unique bites meant to provide a tasty end to a week. For those that want to cook vegan, for example, but don’t have the time to learn, recipes and ingredients delivered to your door can show you how. Or if you simply want to feed your family healthier meals but you don’t have the bandwidth to meal plan, then you can lean on a service for that need.

  • Veestro – This organic, plant-based meals box provides your weekly meals, catered by professional gourmet chefs. If you want to improve your health with tasty, plant-based offerings without the hassle of finding delicious recipes for vegan cooking, Veestro offers a good alternative. You can match the number of meals per week that you need with how often you want to cook at home.
  • Provenance Meals – Eating on the go can do damage to your health. But with Provenance Meals, you can receive nutritional-focused, ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home or office. This can provide you healthier breakfast or lunch options, catered to your specific dietary constraints or nutritional goals.
  • Brightland – If you cook to unwind at the end of the day, then consider this box which provides extra-virgin olive oils and vinegars to up your EVOO game. If you subscribe to a monthly (or bi-weekly) service, you’ll also receive additional treats, like a sourdough starter.
  • Murray’s: A personalized gourmet charcuterie board can boost your hosting prowess. You can get a shipment of meats or cheeses each month, providing a unique appetizer for your next shindig.


Beverage subscription boxes

Having a nice drink at the end of the day can help transition to a relaxing evening. But buying the same bottle of wine each week can be boring. It can take time and energy to research different recipes. That’s where the beverage boxes can help, providing personalized offerings based on your individual tastes, as well as unique drinks that incorporate clean, simple ingredients.

  • Haus – Haus sources the highest quality fruits, herbs, and botanicals from trusted farmers and purveyors who supply Michelin-star restaurants and provides exclusive aperitifs to members monthly. You can choose between one, two, or six bottles a month, or buy one-off boxes, as needed. Once you’ve tried them all, then you can decide which ones you prefer for future purchases.
  • SommSelect – This box allows you to experience what it must be like to have your own personal sommelier. Through carefully catered selections, you pick which wines match your palette. 
  • We Are Raising the Bar – Looking to expand your beverage options? Whatever your reason for wanting to explore zero-proof cocktails, Raising the Bar can help you discover incredible and innovative alcohol-free craft cocktail ingredients to make delicious drinks at home.


Beauty subscription boxes

Finding the right skincare routine can take time. You not only need to find the items that work for your individual skin requirements, but you also must ensure the ingredients don’t include potentially harmful additives. Turning to experts who can do the research for you provides a powerful bonus to these beauty boxes.

  • Beauty Heroes – If you’re worried about the chemicals in the products you use, try this box. It provides you with curated items each month, all of which have gone through an extensive testing process. Every item is reviewed by the company’s curators to ensure all of the ingredients are organic, biodynamic, and harvested in the wild. Your skin will thank you.
  • Boxwalla Beauty – Build a morning ritual that can surprise and excite you with this hand-crafted box, designed by artisans and incorporating items used from around the globe. You might find unique items for your hair or skin that you otherwise would have never heard of before, like antioxidant serums from Australia or facial creams from the Caribbean.


Clothing subscription box

Having the right apparel can do wonders, not only for your mood, but also your productivity. If you look good and feel comfortable, then you can do more in your day — assuming you’re not spending hours seeking out the right dress or suit. That’s where clothing boxes can ease the process, improving your wardrobe without committing you to a long search.  

  • Curateur – To ensure a style that will suit you, look towards this fashion box that incorporates high-end clothes and beauty products from around the globe. You can begin with the Welcome Box, which provides you with a mix of clothing, jewelry, skincare items, and a blanket. Then, you can cater future boxes to your specific whims or buy directly off the online rack.


Home decor subscription boxes

Having the right home décor and design can help you relax at the end of the day. Yet, finding the right items for the right price that fit your specific aesthetic can take time that you simply don’t have. Instead, you can turn to these boxes, which can provide you luxurious centerpieces to the home, without requiring you to search high-and-low for that perfect piece.

  • L’Atelier – You can either sign up for a single box or setup quarterly shipping from this home-décor provider. Inside, you’ll find items hand-selected and built by artisans from across the US, with a fine eye towards what works for your specific aesthetic.
  • Decorated – The holidays can often sneak up on you, giving you little time to decorate. With Decorated, you’ll receive handpicked items, seasonally inspired, allowing your home décor to adjust with the calendar year and look festive for the holidays. You can also buy past boxes if you find that you’re lacking decor for a particular holiday.


Technology subscription box

With new tools and technology coming out seemingly every day, it’s impossible to keep up. That’s where having a technology box can not only keep you up to date with the latest trends, but also put a smile on your face each quarter as well.

  • Breo Box – This provides you with a few items in your mailbox four times a year. Gadgets can range from a bonfire tool that fits in your pocket to an air disinfectant and deodorizer. Box selections will vary by the season, and you can decide if you want one each quarter or when you feel as if you could use a tech-boost.

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