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Fraud Prevention Solutions

Santander offers a variety of fraud prevention solutions to help protect the security of your payments and account information. From Positive Pay, to ACH controls, to multiple levels of security built into our online banking system, and more, we are committed to helping you minimize exposure to fraud.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay decreases susceptibility to check fraud by enabling you to identify discrepancies between checks presented and checks issued before making payment or return decisions.

ACH Debit Blocks

Santander offers three levels of control to protect clients from unauthorized ACH debits:

  • Full Debit Blocks – Blocks ALL ACH Debits against accounts
  • Debit Filters - Blocks ALL debits against an account with the exception of specified debitors (indicated by the debitor’s Company ID). Dollar thresholds may be set for individual debitors.
    Stop Payments - Allows ALL debits against an account with the exception of specified debitors

Account Alerts

You can receive email alerts to securely access time sensitive account information, such as wire transfer activity, positive pay exceptions, daily balances and account statements. Alerts are provided through SMS text or email. A password-protected Adobe PDF file is attached to the email notification, ensuring review only by the designated intended recipient(s).

Online Security Solutions

Online Fraud
One of the best ways to safeguard your company’s financial information is to carefully control access. Santander’s online banking solutions for corporate and institutional clients offer several measures to help protect online information against unauthorized use, including:

  • User authentication: organization ID, user IDs, user passwords with confirmation
  • Automatic disablement for excessive login attempts
  • Encrypted passwords with forced changes at 90 calendar days
  • Time-out limit of 15 minutes to log inactive users off system
  • Dual control and second authentication for ACH/Wire transfers
  • Audit reporting to view all user activity

In light of escalating threats, Santander believes it is prudent that our clients examine their security practices and take steps to prevent fraud through safer computing. We recommend using and maintaining professional anti-virus and anti-spyware software, with frequent automatic updates.



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