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Checking/Money Market Savings

Use the information below to help you get started with your new business checking and money market accounts.

You should receive your initial order of checks and deposit tickets within 10 business days. Contact us if you don’t receive them or any information is printed incorrectly.

  • To order more checks and deposit tickets, just click the link below to Get Started. Order more checks and deposit tickets.
  • The printable Self Switch Form on the right hand toolbar will help you move your operating account to your new Santander business checking account.

Provide companies with whom you exchange automatic payments, your new Santander account number and the Routing/Transit number.

  • Your routing number is 231372691

Making deposits to your new Santander business checking account is easy through your local branch or ATM.

  • Branch Cash Services are available for higher volume cash deposits. Check your Business Deposit Fee Schedule (in the next section) to see the cash deposit volume amount that is included with your business checking account at no charge.
  • Express Cash Packs® can help you save on cash handling fees. Call to order a supply today.
  • With our Santander® Online Banking services, you can make check deposits right from your place of business.

Understanding Fees and Processes of Your New Account.

Understand the fees and processes of your new banking package.

The more you save, the more you earn with your new Business Money Market Savings account.

  • Move money to and from your Business Money Market Savings account through 2,100 Santander ATMs, Business Online Banking, Telephone Banking, and Santander branches.*
  • Auto Transfer - Set up recurring transfers to your Business Money Market Savings account to help build your savings for your business.
  • Use your Business Money Market Savings account balance to cover overdrafts in your Business Checking account. Call or visit a branch today to enroll.*

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*Withdrawals and transfers from your savings and money market savings accounts are limited by federal law. You can withdraw or transfer funds from a savings or money market savings account a total of six (6) times per Service Fee Period (such as by automatic or pre‐authorized transfers using telephone banking, online banking, mobile banking, overdraft protection, payments to third parties, wire transfers, checks, and drafts). We will charge you a fee if you exceed these limits. If you repeatedly exceed these limits, we may close your account or convert it to another type of account that does not limit withdrawals, and it may be an account that pays less or no interest. If we elect to close or convert your account we will notify you.

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