extra20SM checking

With extra20 checking you can actually get paid each month to have direct deposit and pay your bills online. That's right: Get paid to keep doing what you're doing already, just for banking with Santander. Just have $1,500 or more in total direct deposits each month, and pay two bills through the BillPay tab in Online Banking and we'll credit $20 every month to your extra20 savings account.1 Now your bank pays you.

Other Features/Benefits

  • Santander Account Protector8
  • Overdraft protection via Santander Easy Access Line of Credit9 or transfer from your extra20 savings account or another savings account
  • 0.25% rate discount on home equity loans and lines, auto loans and personal loans and lines with automatic payment from any Santander checking account9
  • Rewards Made Simple with a Visa® Signature Sphere Credit Card9 


  extra20 banking Premier Banking Preferred Plus Banking Classic Banking Basic Banking
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Best If You Want Your bank to pay you! This account recognizes the value you bring to the bank by rewarding you for receiving Direct Deposit and completing Bill Pay transactions. Exclusive rates on deposits, discounts on loans, priority customer service and many no-fee features Money savings features and the convenience and access you need so you can bank on your terms An easy banking solution with options Simple and economical banking
Available With Package extra20 checking and extra20 savings Santander Premier Checking, Premier Money Market Savings Preferred Plus Checking, Preferred Plus Money Market Savings Santander Classic Checking, Santander Classic Savings Flat Fee Basic Checking, Santander Basic Savings
Interest-Earning Checking Account No Yes Yes No No
Checking Account Monthly Fee $10, waived with $1,500 or more in total direct deposits to the checking account during the service fee period $30, waived with $20,000 or more in combined balances in checking, savings, money market savings, CDs, IRAs, investments, and loans, $15, waived with at least $2,500 in Direct Deposits or $2,500 average daily balance $10, waived with at least $500 in Direct Deposits a month or $750 average daily balance  $5 ($3 NY/NJ)
Fee to Make a Withdrawal at Other Banks' ATMs in the US Yes ($3.00)  No#  No#  Yes ($3.00)  Yes ($3.50)
Discounts on Check Orders Yes, free first order of Santander checks Yes, free Graystone-style or Santander checks or $15 discount on alternate designs Yes, free first order of Santander checks   No   No
Additional Benefits Account eligible to receive bonuses each month based on Direct Deposit and Online Banking bill payments1. Online Banking with BillPay, Santander Debit MasterCard® Online Banking with BillPay, Santander Premier Debit MasterCard® Online Banking with BillPay, Santander Debit MasterCard® Online Banking with BillPay, Santander Debit MasterCard® Online Banking with BillPay, Santander Debit MasterCard®


† Not counted as part of the combined balance are the following: mortgage loans; student loans; credit card balances, unsecured personal loans and lines of credit issued by FIA Card Services, N.A.; the unused portion of any Santander credit line; indirect auto loans obtained through automobile dealers; and investments not held in a brokerage account with Santander Investment Services.
‡ For the service period.
# Limited to ATMs in the 50 states in the U.S. ATM owner may charge a separate fee.

Santander Switch Services
A dedicated Santander Switch Services agent will make your transition easy, accurate, and secure by managing the transfer of your direct deposits, Online Banking bill payees and recurring automatic payments. All you have to do is choose to use Switch Services during the online account opening process, or open your account and then call (888) 875-5089. We’ll take it from there.

extra20 checking

  • No monthly charge with $1,500 or more in total direct deposits for the service fee period (otherwise, $10)
  • First order of Santander checks free

extra20 savings

  • Competitive rates and the security of FDIC insurance
  • Easy transfers to and from checking2
  • Complimentary for extra20 checking customers3

Direct Deposit

  • The safest and fastest way to get your paycheck and other recurring deposits
  • Avoid rushing to deposit your payroll check or wait for funds to clear

Santander Online Banking with BillPay

  • 100% guaranteed against fraud4 and late bill payments
  • 24/7 access to account balances, transaction history and more
  • Easy-to-use BillPay with the ability to receive electronic versions of your bills and statements
  • Convenient access through our Mobile Banking app

Santander Debit MasterCard® with Cash Rewards

  • The most convenient way to access funds and make purchases
  • Zero liability in the event that someone makes unauthorized signature purchases with your card5
  • Provides MasterCard's great coverage and added protection for your debit card purchases:   
  • Extended Warranty - Doubles the time period and duplicates the coverage of the original manufacturer's warranty, for a maximum of one additional year6
  • Purchase Assurance® - Protects you for 90 days from the date of purchase and up to $1,000 per claim for theft, damage or loss6
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - If you become dissatisfied with a product within 60 days of a purchase, and the merchant will not accept a return, you may be reimbursed for the product up to $250 per claim6
  • Automatically earn up to 20% in Santander Cash RewardsSM every time you use your Santander Debit MasterCard to make online or in-store purchases at selected participating retailers, log into your Online Banking account and click the Rewards tab to learn more7


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1 You can receive extra20 bonuses if you have both an extra20 checking and an extra20 savings account. You receive a $10 Direct Deposit bonus with direct deposits of $1,500 or more to your extra20 checking account in a service fee period. If you qualify for the Direct Deposit Bonus and you pay two bills from your extra20 checking account using the BillPay feature in Santander’s Online or Mobile Banking in the same period, you receive a $10 BillPay bonus. Bonuses credited to your extra20 savings account on the first business day after your extra20 checking account service fee period ends. Your bonuses will be reported as interest on Form 1099-INT in the year received. Limit 1 extra20 checking and savings account per person.

2 You can withdraw funds from your extra20 savings account no more than 6 times by computer, telephone, preauthorized transfer, check or Debit Card purchase each service fee period. Fees apply if you exceed these limits, and if you repeatedly exceed these limits, we will close your account or convert your account to a type of account that does not have these restrictions, such as a checking account.

3 No monthly fee when linked to an open extra20 checking or $100 average daily balance (otherwise, $3.50). All other fees apply.

4 Please refer to the Online Banking Agreement for details on guarantees and your responsibilities for promptly reporting unauthorized transactions.

5 When you promptly notify us. Does not apply to transactions made using your PIN. Please refer to your Personal Deposit Account Agreement for more details.

6 Certain restrictions apply. For full details, see the Guide to Benefits insert that will be sent with your new card or visit mastercard.com for more details. Remember to keep all receipts to properly review your claim.

7 Cash rewards are earned on purchases made at participating online retailers through the Santander Cash RewardsSM Program tab in Online Banking or in-store at participating national and local retailers when using your Santander Debit MasterCard. Look for terms of the participating retailers' and sign up on the Santander Cash Rewards tab in Online Banking. Participating retailers are subject to change.

8 We charge our standard overdraft fee of $35 per transaction when you make a transaction, including checks, Online Banking payments or any other type of withdrawal, and you do not have sufficient available funds to pay the transaction. There is an additional one-time $35 sustained overdraft fee on the 6th business day any checking (other than Premier Checking), savings or money market savings account is overdrawn. If you enroll in Santander Account Protector, these fees will apply to overdrafts caused by ATM transactions and one-time debit card purchases. Any overdrafts that we pay must be promptly repaid. Whether we pay an overdraft is at our discretion and there is no guarantee that any overdraft will be paid by the bank.

9 All applications subject to approval.