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Information About Online Banking Enrollment

Before you sign in, let's make sure you have all you need to begin banking online. First, find the statement below that best describes your situation:

I enrolled in Online Banking when I opened my account at a Santander® branch and I have my login credentials.

Great! Simply click the login button that appears on the top right of this page. Sign in with your temporary credentials to get started.

I enrolled in Online Banking but...

I did NOT enroll in Online Banking when I opened my account.

It's never too late to enroll and enjoy all the benefits of Online Banking. You must be a U.S. resident to enroll in our Santander® Online Banking. Before you begin, you will need the following information at your fingertips:

  1. Your Social Security Number
  2. Your Santander account number
  3. Your email address

Once you have gathered your information, click here to ENROLL. If you don't have U.S. residential address and Social Security Number, you can enroll at your local branch or by calling our Customer Contact Center at 1.877.768.2265.


Getting Started with our Mobile Banking App

In order to use our Mobile Banking App, you must first enroll and log into Online Banking. Once enrolled, you will use those same credentials to log in to your account when using the Mobile Banking App. The App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Already enrolled in Online Banking?

If you've successfully enrolled in Online Banking, sign in to get started with Online BillPay*.
* When you use Online Banking with BillPay, your money is protected against any online fraud or losses when you promptly notify us, and we guarantee your bills are paid on time, every time we'll even reimburse you for any late fees if we make an error in processing your payments.
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