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Choosing a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. That's why it makes sense to rely on Santander for the expertise, flexible financing choices and the personalized guidance you need to make safe and sensible decisions. Know where you stand with our pre-qualifications, pre-approvals, and fast decisions. To help you get a head start, take advantage of our online mortgage tools and planning.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages are ideal for homeowners who want the certainty of a predictable monthly principal and interest payment.

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Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Adjustable rate mortgages are a flexible option for homeowners who want to save money in the short term, or who may plan to move or refinance within a few years.

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FHA/VA Mortgages

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans are popular homebuyer choices. These loans are insured or guaranteed by the federal government and must meet certain requirements. They feature low downpayments and a variety of fixed and adjustable rate options.

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Construction Loans

A construction loan can simplify your construction project with customized financing and one convenient closing.

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First-Time Home Buyer Programs

Santander offers financing choices designed to meet the unique needs of the first-time home buyer.

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Homeowners Assistance

Helping customers protect the personal and financial investment made in their homes.

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