Benefits of Going Paperless at Home

Going paperless at home can provide a greater level of security to your finances in addition to helping with financial organization and being kinder to the environment. Here at Santander, we encourage financial and environmental well-being by fully supporting paperless banking.

Go paperless for the environment
We are at a crucial turning point in history when it comes to preserving our environment. As a company committed to encouraging eco-friendliness, we at Santander recognize that cutting down on paper can cause an industry-wide reduction in the use of paper while also helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Go paperless for more security
If you’re managing your money using paper statements, an unauthorized person does not need your password to access your files—they only need the paper itself. Anyone can peek into your desk drawer or steal your mail to get a look at your financial files. With secure online paperless banking, someone would need a password to access your account.

For even greater online security, we recommend you:

  • Change your Santander online account password to a highly secure password.
  • Set a lock code for your mobile phone to prevent unauthorized access to mobile banking apps.
  • Password protect your computer.

In addition to these practical considerations, many businesses and organizations now require or encourage electronic document submission. Such systems are widely used for uploading student assignments in the educational industry, submitting employment resumes, and in the processing of government forms and taxes.

Using paperless banking also means you’ll have a record of each time you communicate with Santander Bank online, and we deliver paperless statements directly to you.

Go paperless to reduce clutter
When many consumers get their mail, it ends up unsorted, contributing to a large pile near their home’s entryway or on a work desk. This can lead to misplaced documents and an overall feeling of compounding stress.

In addition to the organizational benefits of going paperless at home, you will also free up some space. Reducing paper is one of the simplest, most productive ways to cut down on clutter, and it starts by going paperless. Less paper means less clutter.

Go paperless to save money
By going paperless, you could also waive the $3 fee Paper Statement fee that’s included on certain types of Santander Accounts. Other household service providers may also offer similar fee waivers for receiving your statements electronically.

We understand that having a way to manage your financial documents and transactions, wherever you roam, is important to your financial health. At Santander, we offer online bill pay and mobile banking options so you can view account balances and more on the go. You can access your account information at any time and will not have to wait to go home to access your paperwork.

Are you ready for the convenience, security, and positive environmental impact of going paperless? Santander can help. Sign up for online banking with paperless statements today or use the Santander Mobile Banking App.

It’s all so simple and secure.   

Download the Santander Mobile Banking App today.   

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