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Welcome to the Security Center
Protect yourself from fraud

What we do to protect you

From opening a new account, to banking on the go, to shopping at your favorite stores, our features and services help keep you protected. This includes biometric security technology, which allows clients to use finger print and facial recognition for an added layer of security.

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Santander has monitoring systems in place to help safeguard your account

If we see certain transactions that follow patterns fraudsters typically use, we may text you or email you to ask if you authorized those transactions. To ensure you receive these notifications, make sure we have your current contact information.
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$0 liability on unauthorized transactions*

If you see and promptly report a transaction you didn't authorize on your credit card, you won't be liable for the charges. Call us at 888-728-1222 if you see unauthorized activity on any of your Santander accounts.
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We'll never ask you to provide confidential information by text or email, or read back a one time passcode.

If you're contacted by someone claiming to be a representative from Santander:
  • In a text or email requesting personal information, please do not respond. Delete the message and do not click on any links.
  • By phone requesting you read back a one time passcode that was sent to you, please do not read the passcode or disclose your PIN number. If you ve already provided a passcode or PIN over the phone, please call us either at the number on your statement, or on the back of your card.
Any suspicious emails that appear to be from Santander should be forwarded to
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Bank securely with Santander PROTECHTION

Mobile and Online Banking with Santander PROTECHTION safeguards your information with several layers of technology, including facial or fingerprint recognition to unlock your device using biometric security.

*Please refer to your Credit Card Agreement or Important Information About Your Electronic Transfers for additional terms and conditions regarding the zero liability policy for certain unauthorized transactions.