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How to Redeem Credit Card Rewards Points

What can I get with my points?

There are hundreds of different gift and reward options that you can get using your Santander rewards points.

These include:

  • Cash back in the form of a credit on your next statement.
  • Gift cards to restaurants, home improvement stores, and more.
  • Popular items like electronics, sports equipment, and cosmetics.

How do I redeem my points?

It's easy to use your points to select a reward.

  1. Log in to your online banking account.
  2. Select "Credit Cards" from the menu, then select "Credit Card Rewards" to go to your current rewards points balance.
  3. Under "Actions," click on "View" from the menu.
  4. Shop for the reward option of your choice, from cash back to travel to gift cards and more.

If you prefer, you can also call the number on the back of your card and our call center advisors will be glad to help you.

See Details of Rate, Fee, and Other Cost Information for Your Card Terms and Conditions for details.

*Items available for redemption and the number of points needed to obtain them may change at any time. You may access your point balance in real time by logging into your retail banking online account.