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How do I transfer funds between my Santander accounts?

Online, Mobile and Telephone Banking transfers can be made between your Santander personal accounts.

To transfer through Online Banking:

  1. Under Money Movement, select Transfers ► Transfer Funds
  2. Click “My Santander Account” (default)
  3. Enter Transfer Details:
    • Transfer From
    • Transfer To
    • Transfer Amount
    • Transfer Date
    • Frequency
      1. One-time transfer
      2. Weekly
      3. Every other week
      4. Monthly
      5. Every 3 months
      6. Every 6 months
      7. Annually
  4. Click “Continue"

You will receive the following message: Confirmation: The request has been completed successfully.

To transfer through Mobile Banking:

  1. Tap the Money Movement icon
  2. Tap the Transfer icon
  3. Enter the Amount and tap “Done”
  4. Tap Transfer From
  5. Select the Transfer From account
  6. Tap “Transfer To”
  7. Tap “My Santander Accounts” (default)
  8. Tap “Transfer To account”
  9. Enter Transfer Date
  10. Tap “Recurring Transfer” (optional)
  11. Tap “Submit”
    Result: User will receive the following confirmation message: “Transfer successfully submitted.”
  12. Tap “Done”

To transfer through Telephone Banking:

  1. Call 1-877-768-2265
  2. Select language
  3. Select option 1, then option 1
  4. Enter your 9-digit Telephone Banking number followed by #, and
  5. Enter your 4-digit Telephone Banking PIN number followed by #
  6. Select option number 2 and follow the prompts to transfer between accounts

If you have any difficulties, please press "0" and a Customer Service Center Advisor will be happy to assist you.

Note: Like titled accounts: A single, Online/Mobile, or Telephone Banking transfer may be made in U.S. dollar amounts between $.01 and $999,999.99. There is no limit as to the total dollar amount transferred per day.

Transfers are permitted "to" and "from" the following accounts:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Money Market Savings
  • Line of Credit

Note: Transfers are permitted to an installment loan, but not from an installment loan.

Transfers are not permitted to or from the following accounts:

  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Individual Retirement Accounts