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Managing your personal loan

Find answers to questions on how to manage your personal loan, including monthly payments, automatic payments, and how to get information about your loan through online and mobile banking.

What is the monthly payment on my loan?

Your monthly payment is a combination of principal and interest divided evenly into monthly installments over the term of your loan. For example, if you borrowed $5,000 at 9% interest with a 5-year term, you would owe a total of $6,227.51, including the principal and interest. Divide this by the number of months in the 5-year term (60), and your monthly payments would be $103.79. If you are unsure of what your payment amount is, it is available as part of your account details in your Online or Mobile Banking profile. Your monthly payment will also be on the first page of your signed loan agreement.

How can I set up automatic payments for my loan?

You can simplify the loan repayment process so your monthly installments are automatically transferred from any deposit account using ePay. To set up ePay automatic payments, visit your local Santander Bank. Find a branch near you.

Can I access information about my loan through Online or Mobile Banking?

Yes, you can access an array of information about your personal loan through both Online Banking and your Mobile Banking App — from your principal, interest rate and payment history, to how much you still owe and the date of your next monthly payment.