Online BillPay

Paying your monthly bills doesn’t have to be difficult. With online bill payment services from Santander Bank, after an easy one-time setup you can reduce your monthly bill payment time and even set up some bills to auto pay. If a company doesn’t except online bill pay, we’ll mail a check to them for you. Take time and stress away from paying your monthly bills with help from Santander Bank.


Benefits of Online Bill Pay



Set up the date and amount for each bill, and our online bill payment service will take care of the rest.



Quickly pay all of your bills in one place, save on mailing costs, and easily view your payment history.


Set up online bill payment for new bills in 3 easy steps, and customize each bill payment service with AutoPay and Reminder options.


Our Online Banking Guarantee ensures that your bill will be paid on time. And if we make an error processing your payment, we’ll reimburse you for any late fees you incur. Learn more in our Digital Banking Agreement.

How to Set Up Online Bill Pay

  1. Login to your Online Banking account and choose the “BillPay” tab.

    Don’t have Online Banking? Learn how to enroll in Online Banking.
  2. Click the "Add a Company or Person" button.
  3. Choose the type of bill you would like to pay from our billing categories, and select the company your bill is from.
  4. Enter and confirm your account number, and create a nickname for the account. Depending on the type of bill, you may be asked for additional information. Your set-up is now complete!


After the initial setup in Online Banking, bills can be paid each month using Online or Mobile Banking. If you pay the same amount each month, you can set up bills to AutoPay. Just select the “AutoPay” option in the Bill Pay Payment Center in Online Banking.

Want to further streamline your online bill pay process? Learn how to receive eBills.