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Paying Off A Loan Early

Should you reduce your loan amortization with extra payments?

How to pay off a loan early

There are many different techniques for paying off a loan early. While many people will tell you that their way is best, it’s important to choose a method that works for your budget and lifestyle. Some effective payment methods include:

  • Dividing your monthly principal and interest by 12, then adding that amount to your monthly payment. This adds up to 13 payments per year while eliminating the need for a large lump sum.
  • Use additional money from a bonus, tax refund, or other unexpected windfall to help pay down your principal.
  • If paying off your personal loan early is a top priority, consider looking for a source of additional income that you can dedicate to your goal. Consider taking on a side job, and then putting the money you earn toward your loan.
  • Too busy for a side job? Consider a temporary cut in luxury purchases to fund additional loan payments

Loan payment calculator

Have a payoff timeline you’re trying to meet? Use our loan calculator to help you determine how much you’ll need to add to your monthly payment to meet your goal.

Keep this information in mind when you apply for your next loan

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