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Open an extra20® checking and extra20®savings account. Make a minimum opening deposit of $25 checking and $10 savings. Earn $10 for direct depositing* $1500 or more (within service fee period) Earn $10 for paying
2 bills with billpay
(within service
fee period)

$20 will be credited to extra20 Savings (at end of service fee period)

No catch

Get $10 when you have $1,500 or more direct deposited into your extra20® checking account each monthly service fee period.1

No kidding

Get another $10 when you schedule two or more bills to be paid during the same monthly service fee period through the Online Banking BillPay tab.

Yes $20

The money goes directly into your extra20® savings account.1

And no monthly fee on your extra20® checking account when you meet the above direct deposit requirements (otherwise $10).

* Direct deposits include deposits made by your employer or a federal or state government agency or retirement benefits administrator and generally payments made by corporations or other organizations. It does not include deposits to your Account that are made by an individual using online banking or an Internet payment provider such as PayPal. If you must have a direct deposit to avoid the monthly fee or earn a cash bonus, we use this definition to determine eligibility.
To receive extra20® bonuses, you must have both an extra20® checking and an extra20® savings account (minimum opening deposit of $25 and $10 respectively). You receive a $10 Direct Deposit bonus with direct deposits of $1,500 or more to your extra20® checking account in a service fee period. If you qualify for the Direct Deposit Bonus and you pay two bills from your extra20® checking account using the BillPay feature in Santander's Online or Mobile Banking in the same service fee period, you receive a $10 BillPay bonus. Bonuses are credited to your extra20® savings account on the first business day after your extra20® checking account service fee period ends. Your bonuses will be reported as interest on Form 1099-INT in the year received. Limit 1 extra20® checking and savings account per person.
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