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Bank where, when, and how you want.

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More than 2,000 Santander ATMs.

Withdraw cash, make deposits, check balances, preset ATM preferences, and more.

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ATM Banking with Santander

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Favorite ATM features

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash or check deposit
  • Custom preferences
  • E-receipts

ATM Banking Benefits.

Respect is helping you bank wherever you are, wherever you go.

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Withdraw cash.

  • Keep cash on hand for day-to-day spending.
  • Customize bill denominations at select ATMs.
  • Set favorites for quicker cash withdrawals.
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Deposit cash or checks.

  • Deposit cash and checks without envelopes for ease.
  • Request receipt with image of deposited check.
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Choose e-receipts.

  • Save time, stay organized, and go green.
  • Choose an e-receipt over a paper receipt and send it directly to your email inbox, just like paperless account statements.
  • Make e-receipts your default setting. They’re more secure and there’s no waiting or stuffing paper receipts in your pocket where they’re easily forgotten.
Manage favorites icon

Manage favorites.

  • After you make a transaction once, add transactions for faster ATM Banking to “My Favorites.”
  • Set up to 3 favorite transactions for faster banking.
  • Get cash fast by setting and using a favorite transaction without having to go to the main menu.
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Bank anywhere, any time.

  • With over 500 branches.
  • More than 2,000 Santander ATMs across the Northeast, including over 1,000 ATMs in CVS Pharmacy® locations. You'll also find Santander ATMs in many Market Basket stores.
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