Checking & Savings Account Resources

Explore account options, set up your bank account for the first time, or find out more about how to manage your current account. Take advantage of a variety of tips and tools, designed to help you better manage your finances – whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Checking Account Information

How to Open a Checking Account – Find out where to go and what you’ll need to open a checking account at Santander Bank.

Order & Reorder Checks – Out of checks or need to order some for the first time? Follow these simple steps.

Direct Deposit – Learn more about how direct deposit works, and how to set up deposits directly to your checking account.

Find Your Routing Number – Discover how to easily identify your routing number, either on a paper check or online.

Funds Availability – Helpful Tips for Managing Your Account.

Checking FAQs – You have questions, we have answers. Peruse our most commonly asked checking questions. Don’t see your answer? We’ll show you how to get in touch with someone who does.

Savings Account Information

How Do Savings Accounts Work? – Learn why a savings account earns interest, as well as how interest is calculated over time.

Emergency Savings – Are you prepared for an emergency? Discover the importance of emergency savings to your financial future.

Savings FAQs – Find the savings account information you need in one convenient location, or find out who to talk to if you have more questions.

Additional Resources


Difference Between Checking & Savings – Why are checking and savings accounts different? Do I need both? Answer these common questions about bank accounts.