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Global Capabilities

We use our global network and resources to make sure that your business finds success—wherever you are. Whether your goal is to grow your business locally, enter an international market, or expand to multiple new markets, we'll use our expertise in financing, treasury management, risk management, capital markets, and international growth to help you achieve it*.


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25.1 million customers

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Santander 2020 Annual Report

International Desk*

International Desk

Navigate complex foreign markets with the help of Santander’s dedicated International Desk, offering multilingual support, specialized expertise, and detailed local market knowledge, while receiving the same service you've come to expect from Santander in the U.S.

  • Enjoy personalized service and dedicated relationship banking in 14 key markets.
  • Access invaluable knowledge and information about the countries Santander has presence in—from macroeconomics to financial, regulatory, and business environment.
  • Connect with an extensive network of third parties who can ease your entry into trading abroad.

Banking for subsidiaries of
foreign companies

Banking for subsidiaries of foreign companies

Ensure your U.S. subsidiaries have access to the expertise and country-specific banking services to meet their needs. We can help you simplify the management of your multinational enterprise.

  • Dedicated team of professionals experienced in meeting needs for U.S. subsidiaries.
  • Strong and comprehensive suite of banking services.
  • Local knowledge with global expertise, delivered with personalized service.

International Trade Finance

International Trade Finance

Grow your business and reach new markets with a range of flexible international finance solutions.

  • Help mitigate payment risk for your overseas sales.
  • Strengthen your credibility and negotiating position with solutions that will provide payment comfort to your international partners and the working capital they need.
  • Accelerate collections to enhance your liquidity.
  • Tap into dedicated financing programs for developing your trade business.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Protect your business from currency risk by relying on the resources and expertise of a global leader.

  • Hedge against adverse currency and interest rate movements.
  • Seamlessly conduct business across borders.
  • Research trends and markets.

Capital Markets Solutions

Capital Markets Solutions

Let our seasoned experts structure a custom solution to help you manage liquidity, hedge your risk exposure, or access capital for growth.

  • Interest Rate Derivatives.
  • Loan Syndications.

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*The products described herein may not be suitable for everyone. This information is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon as providing, accounting, legal, regulatory, tax or investment advice. Each recipient should make an independent evaluation with their own accounting, legal, tax and investment advisors. Santander does not provide tax advice. Accordingly, any discussion of tax matters contained herein is not intended or written to be used or relied upon in connection herewith, including, without limitation, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related assessments or penalties.