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Loan Syndications

Looking to refinance debt, fund strategic growth, or conduct a major business transaction? Stay focused on your business goals while our syndicated loan specialists work to bring together a team of lenders to create a customized debt financing solution for you.

Extensive Investor Relationships. Committed Personal Service.

Comprehensive set of

  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Term loans
  • Bridge-to-bond structures to back acquisition financings

Greater access to capital

  • Network of bank relationships including non-bank investors, insurance companies, CLO/CDO asset managers, loan mutual funds, and hedge funds.
Streamlined structure
  • Single credit agreement
  • Common terms and pricing
  • Centralized funding, payment, and operations through administrative aid

Enhanced flexibility

  • Adaptable to borrower’s changing needs or shifting market conditions

Dedicated support

  • Guidance of our experienced team of specialists


Santander Bank, N.A. is not a broker/dealer or an investment advisor and nothing herein shall constitute (i) a sale or offer to buy, sell or recommend any securities, (ii) advice concerning investment decisions or (iii) tax or legal advice. Each user of the site shall make his or her own investment decisions based upon his or her own independent determination after consulting with such user’s own financial and tax advisors.


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