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Put Idle Cash to Work
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Liquidity and Investment Solutions

Optimize your working capital with automated solutions to concentrate cash, pay down debt, and earn higher yields. A flexible range of liquidity and investment solutions lets you maximize return potential, improve visibility, and manage funding risk.
Automated investment and loan

Ensure you make the most of your idle cash. Automatically sweep excess funds into an investment account or Line of Credit at the end of each business day.

  • Choose from three automated sweep options: Repurchase Agreement, Mutual Fund, or Line of Credit
  • Maximize working capital with funds transferred back to your operating account the next business day or when needed
  • Save time with automated transfers triggered by preset target balances and account requirements
  • Save money by reducing interest charges and overdraft fees
Zero Balance Accounts

Meet the complex needs of your business while exercising greater control over your checking account. Consolidate funds from multiple decentralized sub-accounts into a single master account, providing a clear audit trail of the day’s transactions.

  • Enhance control by transferring funds nightly into the master account for a consolidated balance view
  • Improve reconciliation by disbursing funds from separate accounts while consolidating for cash positioning decisions
  • Save time and effort by eliminating manual transfers
Escrow accounts

Simplify the management of escrow funds. Link any number of interest-bearing client sub-accounts to a single master disbursement account in your name.

  • Save time managing client funds or tenant security deposits by creating and linking an unlimited number of savings sub-accounts
  • Enhance control by managing client funds at the agent level
  • Simplify recordkeeping with consolidated monthly escrow statements detailing all linked sub-accounts
  • Automatically generate year-end 1099 Tax Forms

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Best Practices for Optimizing Liquidity

6 Best Practices for Optimizing Liquidity Management and Working Capital

Managing liquidity effectively in today's economic environment is a true balancing act.