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Santander Trade Portal*

40 + worldwide databases

Worldwide Databases

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10 thousand pages of information

Pages of Information

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185 Countries


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150 thousand + suppliers

Suppliers and

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One-Stop Access to the Data You Need

Potential industry areas to consider

  • Import and export flows
  • Market reports
  • Industry alerts
  • Currency exchange rates and weekly currency reports

Potential companies to

  • Importers and exporters
  • Trade shows
  • Professional associations
  • Online marketplaces

Potential compliance areas to consider

  • Shipping documents
  • Import controls
  • Export controls
  • National standards

How can Santander help?

  • Payment products and services
  • Risk management solutions
  • Capital markets assistance

Connect with Santander
Group all over the world.

Connect with Santander Group all over the world.

Through the Santander Trade Club, you can connect with potential business partners in more than 50 countries around the world. Join online webinars, Get in Touch with local experts, and share tips and ideas with your peers.

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