Export Goods

Export Trade Solutions

Expedite payments and minimize foreign risk by leveraging Santander's global expertise.


Export Trade Solutions

Export Letters of Credit

  • Provides one of the most secure ways to sell overseas to new parties
  • Minimizes risk of non-payment by foreign buyers

Export Letter of Credit Confirmations

  • Confirms that you will receive payment per the terms of a Letter of Credit
  • Offers an added layer of protection and helps minimize foreign risk

Export Documentary Collections

  • Allows Santander and your buyer’s bank to act as intermediaries in collecting payment for your goods
  • Offers convenient, cost-effective protection

Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program

  • Provides pre-export financing for raw materials, inventory, equipment, supplies, and other export-related expenses
  • Receive expedited approval through Santander’s Delegated Authority with Ex-Im Bank*
  • Enjoy attractive advance rates and collateral requirements to support your exports
  • Issue Bid Bonds and Performance Bonds for your international clients
  • Extend sale terms to foreign buyers up to 180 days

*Ex-IM Bank is an independent, unaffiliated entity with credit policies and procedures different than Santander.