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Business Checking Plus

An account with more generous transaction allowances at no charge for businesses that can carry higher balances.
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Account features

Business Checking Plus offers many features that make your banking simpler and cost-effective.

Deposit Agreement

Fee Schedule

Basic transactions1

Enjoy up to 750 basic transactions included with your account per service fee period at no charge.

Discount on checks

$100 in savings on your first order of business checks.

Cash deposit processing

No fee on cash deposit processing up to $40,000 each service fee period.

Waived Monthly Fees2

Your $50 Monthly Fee is waived if you do any one of the following within the service fee period:

  • Maintain $40,000 average daily balance in the checking account, OR
  • Maintain $60,000 in combined business deposit account balances with same ownership, OR
  • Receive one or more Santander Merchant Services payments in your account, OR
  • Incur $50 or more in cash management service fees

Business Checking Plus account benefits

Illustration of three arrows, one pointing up, the other two pointing left and right
Account features to match your business transaction volume and activity.
illustration of a coin with a dollar sign on it and a gear in the upper right side
Various ways to waive your Monthly Fee with generous transaction allowances.
Illustration of an open hand with a heart symbol above it
Partnerships to help your business analyze sales data, improve cash management, and more.

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Business Checking

Business Checking Plus

An ideal everyday business checking solution
A premium account for larger businesses that can maintain higher balances.
Best if you have
  • Low-to-moderate transaction volumes and monthly balance
  • A desire for multiple ways to waive your Monthly Fee
  • High transaction volumes
  • Need for more robust cash management services such as Check Deposit Link
Basic transactions1
included per Service Fee Period
300, then $0.60 per transaction
750, then $0.60 per transaction
Monthly Fee
Ways to waive Monthly Fee2
  • Maintain $5,000 average daily checking balance, OR
  • $10,000 in combined business deposit balances, OR
  • Have one or more Santander Merchant Services payments deposited into your account within the Service Fee Period, OR
  • Incur $50 or more in cash management service fees within the Service Fee Period, OR
  • Have three or more purchases using a Santander Business Debit Mastercard post into your account within the Service Fee Period
  • Maintain $40,000 average daily checking balance, OR
  • $60,000 in combined business deposit account balances, OR
  • Have one or more Santander Merchant Services payments deposited into your account within the Service Fee Period, OR
  • Incur $50 or more in cash management service fees within the Service Fee Period

Checkbook order
25% off first check order
First check order free – up to $100 value
Cash Deposit Processing
No fee up to $10,000, then $0.27 per $100 of deposits
No fee up to $40,000, then $0.27 per $100 of deposits
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All the ways we help you bank better

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The flexibility you need to do business while you're busy

We're here to support your unique small business

Forthcoming with our customers, like all banks should be

Deposit with Mobile Check Deposit
Open the Business Mobile Banking App, sign the back of your check, take a picture of it, and your deposit is a go.

Customization and agility
Helping you achieve your business goals and needs by diving deeper into your operations and cash flow, bringing ideas and alternatives to the table.

Fees explained up front
We're honest about the cost of doing business, the same way you are with your customers. no surprises and no sneaky fine print.

Access your digital banking tools
Make deposits or ACH payments, transfer funds, check balances, set different access levels for employees, and more.

Geared toward sustainable success
While we're committed to meeting your needs
today, we also have one eye on the future. We're
here to build on your foundation and fuel growth.

Open communication
Alerts, secure messages, and a dedicated team of small business banking experts to guarantee satisfaction as best we can.

Customized alerts
Enable alerts on account deposit(s), debit(s), low balance, incoming and outgoing wire payments, and more. Refine alert settings to your preferences.

Partnership and guidance
Let us help you navigate the surprising challenges and opportunities that growth brings, whether it's big picture or day-to-day.

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Book an appointment with a qualified banking expert

Let our dedicated team of local and online Small Business experts illuminate the road ahead, so you can see the smartest way forward.

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1Basic transactions include checks paid, teller deposits, ATM deposits, Money Center deposits, deposited Items, and ACH items (electronic debits and credits not originated by customer). Santander Merchant Services (credit and debit card payment processing) and Santander Payroll Services ACH debit items are not included. Business Checking and Business Checking Plus basic transaction limits also include Santander Check Deposit Link batch deposits, Santander Check Deposit Link items processed, and Santander Check Deposit Link ACH converted transactions. Service Fee Period means the period beginning on the day regular service fees, such as monthly fees, are posted to your Account and ends on the day before service fees are next posted to your Account. This may not always be a calendar month.

2Avoid monthly maintenance fees by maintaining the required combined average daily balance in this account plus additional business checking and business money market savings (excluding commercial money market savings and certificates of deposit) owned by the same business entity. Only balances in these combined accounts owned by the same business entity can be considered when calculating the combined balance.