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Payments and Processing

As a business owner, you understand the importance of effectively managing cash inflows and outflows. By tapping into our cash management services, your company can more easily manage your cash flow, collect payments, issue payroll, and pay vendors with a program that is tailor-made for your business.

Cash Management Services: Sending Money

You can work with your banker or use online banking to make payments, quickly and securely.
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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

A Cost efficient solution for processing one-time and / or recurring electronic transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Make payments faster while improving reliability, efficiency, and control over your payments.
  • Implement one time and recurring payments for all your needs, such as payroll, taxes, and supplier invoices.
  • Moving from check to electronic payments will cut postage and processing time.
  • Mitigate risk in your payments using our online platform, secure file transmission, and/or integrated payments solutions.
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Wire Transfers

Make electronic payments locally and globally using wire transfers in US dollar and in 24 currencies with certainty and reliability.
  • Speed up payment processing and deliver funds faster while maintaining tight control over transactions.
  • Fast—Make payments when time is of the essence.
  • Simple—Execute wire transfers effortlessly with our online platform’s wire and expedited payments function.
  • Trusted—Transfer domestic and international funds securely via Santander Treasury Link online and over an integrated payables platform for urgent payments, supplier payments, loans, M&A transactions, and taxes.

“Santander remote capture gets our payments deposited more quickly without actually having to go to the bank. It’s actually a big savings for our company.” 

- Ray Doran, Crystal Fusion Technologies, Inc. 

However you choose to make deposits —whether in person, online or over the phone—we offer solutions to help you manage them easily, efficiently, and securely.

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Mobile Deposit
Download our app and make deposits on the go using your mobile device.
  • Endorse, snap, deposit – it’s that easy.
  • Deposit checks when you receive them instead of waiting until you visit a branch.
  • Access check images any time.
Santander Check Deposit Link

Santander® Check Deposit Link

Send your deposits to the bank without leaving your office using your computer and our complimentary desktop scanner. It’s a fast and convenient way to deposit checks into your cash management account.2

  • Send your deposits to the bank safely with your computer and our complimentary desktop scanner.
  • You are able to make checking deposits until 8:00 p.m. ET and receive same-day credit.
  • Retrieve check images and download data as needed.


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Santander’s nationwide Lockbox Network centralizes collection of electronic and paper payments and provides same day reporting by collecting your checks in a centralized manner.

  • Receive same-day processing of electronic payments, checks, and money orders.
  • Reduce accounting errors and the chore of sorting and processing.
  • Benefit from real-time access to all incoming payments.

We make it convenient for you and your employees to travel, entertain, or make purchases with our commercial credit card.

Santander credit card

Santander Commercial Card

Simplify your business purchases and payables with the Santander’s Commercial Card.
  • Configure your program to meet your specific needs.
  • Choose from multi-purpose, travel and entertainment, and virtual card options.
  • Use your card wherever Mastercard® is accepted.
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For Smaller Cash Volumes

Make smaller cash deposits in person at one of our branches across the Northeast, during business hours or after hours at one of our ATMs.

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For Larger Cash Volumes

Use our Money Centers to process larger amounts and have cash delivered straight to your door via armored transportation.


“We need a bank that’s got the capacity to handle thousands of checks a month in their operations center, with positive pay features for fraud protection, and do it both effectively and within a cost that makes sense. And Santander has more than met our needs.” 
Ed Radetich, Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP

Learn about other banking services that may help your business.

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Specialty Accounts

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Advanced Cash Management Services

Santander® Check Deposit Link is a trademark of Santander Bank or its affiliates or subsidiaries in the United States.

1For Wires, our same-day transaction cut off time varies: Wires ordered through Business Online Banking or Santander's online treasury banking portal, same day cut off time is 5:30pm; For wires ordered at our Branches, cut off time is 5pm; For wires ordered through our Business Customer Service Center, same day cut off time is 5pm. All times reflected ET.

2Customer will receive a single document feeder check scanner. Available to customers with an eligible business checking account. Limit one free scanner per customer. Additional scanners are available at a cost. Other fees may apply. Should the service be terminated before a full calendar year is up, you will be charged a $300 cancellation fee.