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Business Online Banking Resources

Santander’s Business Online Banking is convenient and secure. Learn how to check balances, transfer funds, make payments, and more.

Who should I contact if I am unable to log into Business Online Banking? 

Contact a Business Support Center Representative at 1-877-768-1145 for all account access inquiries. 

For customers with hearing/speech impairments, please call 7-1-1 or your preferred relay service.

How can I change my Business Online Banking password?

To change your Business Online Banking password:

  • Select the “Customer Service” tab
  • Click “My Profile and Preferences”
  • Under “Online Preferences”, click “Change Password”
  • Update with NEW password and select ”Continue”

Can I view images of my deposit tickets and corresponding checks in Business Online Banking? 

Yes, in Business Online Banking, select:

  • Advanced Search
  • Deposit Ticket tab
  • Click on sequence number link
  • ​​​​View check

Why am I not able to login to Business Online Banking?

If you are accessing our Business Online Banking site using a favorite or bookmark, please delete it and go to

  • Click “login”, located at the top right hand corner of the page
  • Under “Online Services”, select “Business Online Banking” from the drop down menu
  • Click “OK”
  • Enter your Organization ID, User ID, Password, and click “Submit”

Note: If you wish, you will be able to create a new bookmark or favorite.

Can I have a particular account always appear first in the list of my accounts?

Yes. To change the order in which accounts appear, log in to Business Online Banking, click on “Show, Hide and Nickname Accounts”. Then specify the order of the accounts using the “Order” field for each account.