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Mobile Banking Resources

Santander’s Business Banking App provides convenient access to your business accounts. Find answers to FAQs on the many features that let you bank anytime, anywhere.

Do I need to be registered to use Mobile Banking?

No. If you are already enrolled in Business Online Banking, the same credentials will be used for the Business Banking App.

Can secondary users use the Business Mobile App?

Yes. Secondary users who are set up in Business Online Banking can use certain features of the Business Banking App. Mobile Check Deposit and BillPay are not available to secondary users. For more information, please refer to the Digital Banking Agreement for Business Online and Mobile Banking.

What is Quick Balance?

Quick Balance is a feature that allows you to see the balances for up to three accounts without logging in first. It is designed to make checking your balances as easy as possible. You can choose up to three accounts to show a Quick Balance. You can change your three favorite accounts at any time.

How do I activate Quick Balance?

To activate Quick Balance, you must select the accounts within the Business Banking App. Once activated, Quick Balance can be displayed on the same home screen without logging in.

To activate the Quick Balance feature, please follow the steps below:
1.    Enter your login credentials
2.    Answer the challenge question (if applicable)
3.    Select “Quick Balance” from the side menu
4.    Select your accounts (up to three)
5.    Click the “OK” button to confirm

Can I make transactions once I see my account balances though Quick Balance?

No. Quick Balance allows you to quickly see the balances on the chosen accounts. In order to make any transactions, you will need to log in into your Santander Business Banking App.

What is Touch ID and how do I set it up for Business?

Only available for iOS, Touch ID is a functionality that allows you to log in into your Business Banking App using your fingerprint registered in the device.

In order to activate the Touch ID logon functionality, you must have at least one fingerprint registered at device level (To enable Touch ID on your device, go to Settings >Touch ID & Passcode and ensure you have passcode enabled and a valid fingerprint). A pop-up window will then be displayed with a message asking you if you would like to automatically set up Touch ID on the device or not.