Advanced Services


Advanced Services Highlights


Turn deposits into working cash quickly and efficiently.


Limit your exposure to losses and fraud.


Reduce the time required to reconcile your accounts.

Products Offered

Santander Bank Lockbox

Santander’s nationwide Lockbox Network accepts credit card and paper payments and provides same-day reporting.

  • Reduce accounting errors and minimize time spent sorting and processing.
  • Receive same-day processing of credit card or paper transactions.
  • Improve the speed of your cash cycles by taking advantage of real-time reporting.

Positive Pay

Our Positive Pay solutions provide your business with the most secure protection against check fraud in the industry.

  • Choose from several levels of security that identify suspicious transactions in real time.
  • Avoid duplicate items from being cashed.
  • Research problematic items, and make quicker decisions.

Account Reconciliation

We save you time and resources by delivering the information you need on balances and deposits in all of your accounts.

  • Select an account reconciliation schedule that works for your business.
  • Receive a complete report of checks paid, outstanding items, and exceptions.
  • Eliminate paperwork and get a clear picture of your financial picture company-wide.

Cash Services

We make it easy to deposit and receive the cash that drives your business.

  • Enjoy safe and secure cash handling.
  • Choose a tailored solution based on your company’s cash needs.
  • Have cash delivered straight to your door via armored transportation.