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Analyzed Checking Account

If you have multiple business accounts, along with high transaction activity and cash management needs, consider our most comprehensive business checking solution—Analyzed Checking. You can earn credit on qualifying balances, which can be used to offset fees for cash management services like ACH or wires. Designed to streamline your banking activities, the Analyzed Checking account from Santander Bank can make your financial life easier with features like online access to Santander’s online treasury banking portal for your reporting and account needs. 


About Analyzed Checking Account Fees

As an Analyzed Checking client, your available balances earn credits that may be applied toward your account maintenance, transactions and cash management fees. Most popular fees waived by earnings credits:

  • • Online Wire Transfers
  • • Online ACH Transfers
  • • Account Maintenance Fees


See Business Deposit Fee Schedule for full details.

Is It Right For Your Business?

These guidelines can help you determine whether Analyzed Checking is the right fit for your business. 

cost effective icon


You use multiple cash management tools and want to earn credits toward your fees.

rewarding as-you-grow icon


You want to be rewarded for consolidating your business’s banking with Santander.

flexible lending options


As your business grows, you need a bank that can keep pace with your success.

How Analyzed Checking Compares

We’ve got a checking account that meets the banking needs of your business. Analyzed Checking offers the added online convenience of Santander’s online treasury banking portal, which consolidates your accounts and provides advanced management and reporting capabilities. You can explore your options using this comparison chart.


Analyzed Checking Account Benefits

Check out some of the ways Analyzed Checking can simplify and enhance your business banking.

cost effective icon


Earn credits that help you reduce the fees on your cash management activities

link business accounts


Link business accounts, so you can stay on top of your finances

streamlined statement icon


One consolidated statement for all of your accounts, to simplify your bookkeeping

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