Business Banking Resource Center.

Business Banking
Resource Center.

Make the most of your Santander Business Banking Account.

Whether you want to set up your new business account, add new services, or gain insights from other business owners like you, you’ll find it here. Follow the links below to learn more.


Business First


Running a business is an exciting journey filled with challenges and the potential for great rewards. We know it’s not easy, but we’re here to help. Business First offers ideas and inspiration to assist with your journey and to help make it a prosperous one. Sign up for our quarterly email newsletter and get updates on new content published to Business First. arrow icon


New Business Banking
Checking Account Set-Up


Welcome! Use our helpful checklist to set-up your account and begin banking with us. arrow icon


Business Lending


Whether you want to consolidate debit, refinance, improve cash flow, manage your working capital, or make a purchase, consider our lending options. arrow icon


Business Checks


Find out when you’ll receive your first order of business checks and how you can re-order additional checks in the future. arrow icon


Cash Management


Accelerate and simplify your cash flow with these options. arrow icon


Debit Mastercard®


Find out how to activate your card, order a new card, and take advantage of your card’s benefits. arrow icon


Santander Check
Deposit Link


Find out how to send your deposits to the bank without leaving your office. arrow icon


Mobile Banking


Enjoy the flexibility to bank on the go, check your balance, deposit checks, make payments, get alerts, and more. arrow icon


Fee Waivers


Learn more about how you can avoid paying a Monthly Fee and how you can offset other service and transaction fees. arrow icon


Online Banking


Manage your account, pay bills, view statements, transfer money when it’s best for you, and more. arrow icon


Overdraft Protection


Find out what you need to know to protect against overdrafts and their associated fees. arrow icon


Update Your
Contact Information


We need to keep in touch with you about your account. Click here to update your contact information. arrow icon


Funds Availability


Find out when deposited funds will be available to your business. arrow icon


Business Deposits
Fee Schedule


Take the time to review your Business Deposit Fee Schedule. Learn more about how you can avoid paying a Monthly Fee and how you can offset other service and transaction fees. arrow icon


Routing Number(s)


Here is where you will find your routing numbers. arrow icon


Contact Us


Here are all the ways you can get in touch with us. arrow icon